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21 Day Cleanse Basics

Three Basic Principles

  • Eliminate

    Eliminate Toxins and Restore Healthy Elimination

    We are continually exposed to external toxins: pesticides, chemicals, and pollutants that we ingest, breathe, and come across daily. Although our bodies are designed to naturally dispose of these toxins, our organs (especially the liver) can get overburdened. The presence of hundreds of different toxins in our bodies causes unhealthy symptoms like chronic headaches, fatigue, and weight gain.

    Toxic symptoms can cause breakdown in our bodily functions, which can ultimately lead to disease. The iBody program is designed to offer organ support and maximize the elimination functions necessary to minimize weight and expel these harmful toxins from the body.

  • Nourish

    Nourish the Body and Replenish Deficiencies

    With the prevalence of convenience foods to keep up with our busy lives, we succumb daily to packaged, processed foods high in sugars and preservatives and deprive our bodies of vital nutrients. During the program you will be eating whole foods and nourishing your body back to health, replenishing nutritional deficiencies that today’s foods lack. The process will allow the body to rebuild and restore healthy function with proper nutrition.

  • Reset

    Reset and Reduce Dependence

    The changes that the body goes through during the detoxification program reset your system. Your body will no longer depend on caffeine and sugar for energy. Your brain resets to break old bad habits and create new good ones. Upon completion of the program you will experience a state of health you may have never felt before. With a newfound sense of well-being your body will be functioning at a much higher plane of health.


Program Guidelines

  • Detox

    The Detox

    Upon completion of this program, you will experience a state of health you may never have felt, or at least experienced since your youth. The first 3–4 days are the hardest since you will likely be craving all the old foods. Don’t give in! Take this time to exercise extreme “self control.” After the fifth day, you will find your old cravings diminishing, replaced by a newfound sense of well-being. Generally by days 7–10, you are functioning at a higher plane, and your body and mind are clearing.

  • Cleanse

    The Cleanse

    You may react negatively to foods you used to eat since your body is now shifting into higher levels of functioning and elimination. Take time reintroducing foods to your diet to determine which ones do not agree with your body. It is prudent not to return to junk food. If you do, your body will slowly adapt by storing toxins again and shifting into a fat-storing state. While you may not feel the immediate effects of the junk food, it will eventually damage your long-term health.

  • Reset Button

    The Reset Button

    Use these 21 days as a time of renewal; allow your body to learn and regenerate. Take time for introspection, creative outlets, and do some special things for yourself, such as luxurious baths (with special salts) or a massage.


Program Basics

No Animal Protein for the First 10 Days

This allows your liver to rest and focus on detoxification. On Day 11, you may eat organic, hormone-free, cage-free chicken, and wild-caught fish. Favor lighter animal protein like fish and chicken. Grass-fed beef and game are allowed in moderation. Avoid pork.


Exercise is vital in removing toxins from your tissues and your body. Exercise until you sweat. Walk 20–30 minutes minimum daily if you’re new to physical activity. Daily walks, incorporating deep breathing, are recommended for everyone.


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Water should comprise half of your daily intake. This flushes toxins and prevents constipation and headaches. Spring or mineral water is best. Fresh-squeezed lemon or lime may be added to your water.

Eat frequently
throughout the day.
DO NOT skip meals.

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The Detox Shake

To stabilize your normal blood-sugar levels, avoid all juice and sugary fruits. This includes avoiding shakes made with fruit juice. Use Stevia (not sugar or artificial sweeteners) to sweeten the shake, if desired.

Over-the-Counter Medicine

They mask your symptoms while adding to your toxic load, prolonging the cleansing process. Prescribed medicines are fine, but never change medications without consulting your physician.


• Drink water plentifully throughout the detox program to more quickly flush toxins from your system. Your optimal amount of daily water consumption is calculated by dividing your weight in half and drinking that amount in ounces per day.

• If you desire more weight loss, replace meals with detox shakes.

• Make your detox enjoyable by adding a variety of fresh herbs and spices. Prepare your meals in a variety of ways (grilling, stir frying, pan-roasting, using parchment, etc.) to avoid monotony. Delight your eyes, nose, and taste buds by trying brand-new foods. Open your palate to new experiences.

• Consume half your vegetables raw. Steam or stir-fry prepared vegetables for 4 minutes over low heat. Your vegetable intake should be twice the amount of your fruit intake.

• Avoid alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and other stimulants. If you are a heavy caffeine user, sip 1 teaspoon of coffee to avoid withdrawal headaches (but for no more than 3 days maximum).

Note: Individuals with joint pain should consider avoiding food derived from the nightshade family of plants, such as tomatoes, white potatoes, eggplants, and peppers of all kinds. This includes paprika and cayenne powder but not black pepper. Use homemade (not store-bought) salad dressings.